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how's everybody doing tonight? i'm chris portka. i write, perform, and produce music and visual stuff. i enjoy writing and singing and web3 development.

i'm on all your fave streaming like spotify | apple | soundcloud | napster | deezer | amazon | tidal | iheartradio | bandcamp

i've also got a lot of socials like twitter | youtube | instagram | bandcamp | tik tok | facebook like button | medium & etc.

i've done software development and management for 20+ years. i'm into nfts, both musical and visual and conceptual and smart contract development itself.

my public wallets are djpants.near & djpants.tez & djpants.eth. i also update my linktree with my latest artwork links.

contact me if you are interested in working with me to produce, write, or license music... or hey- if you just want to buy me a coffee


Chris Portka is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has been making music for two decades. He has spent most of his life in California, and most of the 2000's in the San Francisco Bay Area. His music is reflective of the East Bay's beautifully ragged aesthetic, fusing eclectic elements to create something homey and real. He makes music that is expressive, exploring themes of anguish, boredom, dread, responsibility, and triumph. He does this both as a songwriter committed to the craft of lyrical folk and rock tunes and through experimental and instrumental work that seeks to evoke the ineffable dimensions of those moods that so often overtake us. Taking inspiration from the poetic precision of the likes of Bob Dylan and David Berman, and indulging in the prophetic cacophony of artists like Skip Spence and Captain Beefheart, Chris makes sounds that probe our inner lives and pose the musical question: how's everybody doin' tonight?


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